These are some of our partners:

Antiques & Design:

We can’t take all the credit for our homey store interiors. Le Pain Quotidien partners with Antiques & Design, the original craftsman of the first communal table, for all our store design needs. Antiques & Design, a Belgian company, specializes in the rustic, rural romantic style furnishings we love at Le Pain Quotidien.

Les Moulins Mahjoub:

Le Pain Quotidien partners with Les Moulins Mahjoub to supply the ingredients for many of our Mediterranean inspired dishes and pantry items such as our sea salted capers, sundried tomatoes, and black olive spread among others. Les Moulins Mahjoub, based in Tebourba, Tunisia, produces a range of delicious, natural products from the traditional harissa we use in our Artichoke Spread & Harissa Tartine to the first cold pressed, organic extra virgin olive oil on our tables.